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2007-10-05 22:36:31 by naruto-demon12

I have changed my mind.


Its because my grades suck! My account gets locked from the computer. Even though I am a computer girl... I canNOT get my account unlocked. The only reason I am on now is that I didn't have homework over the weekend.

I am trying to make a flash... But it is too freaking HARD TO DO! I do NOT have a Tablet.... and although I bug my dad to get me one, he says 'Well, maybe if you get your grades up...'

Gawd..... I am so bored. Better get the flash goin' if I wanna finish it!

(Includes the song: CaramellDansen (Speedycake Remix))



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2007-10-10 19:59:35

Sorry to hear that, I hope you can get that fixed. I'm in the same predicament, but I've only got 2 days to pull my grades up to B's and C's so I can stay in band.